Good morning to you, Gentle Reader! This is just a simple test post whilst the pesky technical details on this site’s design are brought to order.

However, do keep an eye on my site; it’s here for everyone’s (and my) observations, opinions and thoughts on this wonderful, but flawed world that we inhabit.

Don’t expect a slavish devotion to conformity though. I generally adopt an alternative approach to life, so when it comes to my comments – like them, don’t like them but there they are.

So lets open the door, you and I,

– and see what’s out there…


Published by: Shaun Booker

Hello all! I'm a passionate blogger and longtime book editor, living in Derby, UK. I'm a strong believer in positivity, a thinker, and I love to write, to help others, and (please or offend),I like to express my views on the human condition and this ridiculous but beautiful world that we are all so privileged to inhabit. Think, dream, do, try to enjoy what's around you... - And don't take any crap. Feel free to engage in comment (good or bad) with me, and I hope that you like what you read. After all, that's what matters, don't you think?

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I welcome your views, whatever they are. Feel free to comment!

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