Loving To Read On World Book Day!

I’m not the average reader. I learned (self-taught) to read at an alarmingly (to my parents, not to me) early age, and freely admit that books and my enjoyment of them is the mainstay of my life. To me, the look and feel, the weight and even the vanilla smell of the tannins in the paper of an old book, combined with the ability to bury oneself in the written magic therein is bliss. With today being World Book Day, this blog has especial relevance for me.

So, in this electronic, internet-of-everything obsessed age, I was pleased to see that a recent survey by the Folio Society (2,149 UK book readers polled online) discovered that the most preferred genres are crime, autobiographies and historical fiction. It’s also a source of great satisfaction to me that just over two-thirds read books on a daily basis, far preferring to read them in print. Other, more bizarre and yet fascinating facts about readers emerged: that they prefer beer to a glass of wine and they’d rather be stuck in a lift with Stephen Fry than Angelina Jolie.

The fact that books continue to play an integral role in today’s society is evident in just how much we continue to value the written word; choosing to read an actual book as opposed those available in electronic form. Additionally pleasing is to know that most people continue to enjoy reading books on a daily basis!

Very gratifying, but how will the publishers react to this reactionary about-face against the book electronic? Will wholesale dumping of Kindles and other e-readers occur at your local landfill soon? I doubt it, and I’ve always been of the opinion that reading is reading. There’s enough space for every format, and we should be happy that the simple enjoyment of the written word continues.

But, human beings have always been inveterate tinkerers in everything, and generally when it’s not needed. So hold on to your bookmarks, Gentle Reader – there may be big changes ahead.


Published by: Shaun Booker

Hello all! I'm a passionate blogger and longtime book editor, living in Derby, UK. I'm a strong believer in positivity, a thinker, and I love to write, to help others, and (please or offend),I like to express my views on the human condition and this ridiculous but beautiful world that we are all so privileged to inhabit. Think, dream, do, try to enjoy what's around you... - And don't take any crap. Feel free to engage in comment (good or bad) with me, and I hope that you like what you read. After all, that's what matters, don't you think?

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