Islamic Terror. We Need To Deal With It Now.

Horror piled upon horror. Al Qaeda. 9/11. 7/7. Fusilier Lee Rigby. ISIS. Boko Haram. Then more recently, the murder near Lyon, an atrocity committed on European soil, followed by the suicide bombing in Kuwait, where people gathering for Friday prayers were coldly and callously murdered. Duly accompanied by a youth, apparently part of a 5-man IS sleeper cell, began the slaughter of Western tourists as they innocently sunbathed on a beach in Tunisia.

Were these events coordinated? Possibly. Maybe some of the animals involved were loners, aflame with religious fanaticism. But even if there was not one mastermind behind all three outrages, there is a probable link. Isis, which wrecks, rapes, tortures and kills in the name of their warped and psychotic version of religion, has boasted of its responsibility for the massacre in Kuwait, and is also indirectly responsible for what happened in France and Tunisia; even only by acting as an inspiration to others.

Killing Europeans was only a means to an end for the perpetrators of yesterday’s massacre. Their real goal, we may surmise, was to tear apart and destabilise the country’s political system, weakening its grip on democracy in order to institute, by force if necessary, their form of Islam and Sharia law that is all too familiar in other parts of North Africa and the Middle East. And there are no saints out there, only sinners, and unfortunately, there have been many who are not Muslim who have killed in the name of religion or some other ideology, as the nine grieving families in Charleston, South Carolina, their loved ones slaughtered by a white supremacist, know only too well.

But white supremacists don’t pose a global threat. These evil and appalling crimes are being committed by fanatical Moslems. Formerly, ordinary Moslems. Ergo, there is no difference between an “extremist” or “moderate” Moslems: they are all Moslems, and their way of life is absolutely inimical to our shared Western culture. There is only one possible solution before the streets really do start to run with blood, and that is that the practice of Islam must be proscribed throughout Europe and if need be, globally. Our countries are not Muslim fiefdoms where followers feel free to act as they wish, and those Moslems unable to accept our terms for them to remain in our countries and behave according to the mores and laws of Western society are and perfectly free to move elsewhere.

How much more are you willing to tolerate?


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