Screw Political Correctness!

Nowadays, we seem to be surrounded by permanently outraged PC-addicts, obsessed with their own agendas, identity politics, rank tribalism related to ethnic or religious identity, and based on sexual preference, sexual equipment, disability, national identity, which football team.

All are full of passionate intensity, but they ignore the simple edict that speech must be free. And my type of free speech differs radically from theirs, thankfully.

Academia and university campuses in particular have become swamps of intolerance, dictating what people can and can’t say. But however much we may hate it, we have to put up with the worst people saying the worst – ignoble, repellent, ignominious – things.

But still, there has to be a line in the sand that must not be crossed.

And if we allow any exceptions, the dividing line between permitted and forbidden is no longer perfectly sharp, and you’re on a slippery slope, risking more and more restrictions, each stating quite plainly and correctly that you can’t say what you like, where you like, when you like: they place a limit on speech. Here free speech is free speech for the rich and, by the same token, the silencing of the poor. For while the poor can say and publish what they want, they will not be heard by the mass of the electorate.

It’s essential that the line between harm from words and harm from physical blows is perfectly sharp. But it isn’t. Privately, at least, some find verbal abuse harder to take than physical cruelty.

And the biggest culprits are the “liberal elite” for insulting and infantilising “the people”, treating us as weak, pathetically impressionable, desperately in need of protection from hurtful words.

What makes them the arbiters of our thoughts, opinions and behaviour? They obviously know that that should be the case, but I’m screwed if I do. One thing I do know, is that I’m sick to my core of their interference in and constant attempts to instruct me in what I should do, say, think and feel in my life.

Here are some words of advice to our politically correct compadres: life’s complicated anyway-don’t go making it any more complicated. And I DON’T need you to assist me to the maintenance of my life; for good or bad.

Pursuing PC is simply yet another religion-blind faith with no concrete basis for the need for its existence, and if you want to practice it, be my guest.

But don’t press it on me.


I welcome your views, whatever they are. Feel free to comment!

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