Immigration – The Unpalatble Truth

Migration, and immigration are two of the biggest crises now being faced in modern history. For the UK, it has just been disclosed that the levels of people born abroad and now living in Britain has hit a staggering 8.3 million.

This is a direct consequence of previous flawed decisions to dispense with our border controls, and despite the present governments’ broken promise — which they knew perfectly well they couldn’t possibly honour — to reduce the flow of migrants to the ‘tens of thousands’. And still, they keep on coming.

An enormous demographic shift has taken place. Just within 15 years, this country has been transformed beyond recognition, without the vast majority of the indigenous population ever having been consulted.

Now I will state this for the record, I don’t blame anyone for wanting to come to Britain to build a better life. But I do blame successive governments and the entire political and ‘liberal’ media class for encouraging them to settle here and then labelling ‘racist’ anyone who questions the wisdom of mass immigration. It’s not all about race, it concerns religion and culture, especially when it comes to expansionist, extremist Islam, and to me, always been primarily about numbers.

And eight million foreign newcomers are far too many for a small country like Britain to absorb NOW, not only in the future. Just look at the intolerable pressures on public services, such as health, housing and education. What it does prove is that Britain’s ‘soft touch’ immigration controls and generous welfare system is a powerful magnet for migrants from all over the world.

There are hundreds of thousands, maybe millions, of people from Africa, the Middle East, Afghanistan and beyond wandering around Europe with no papers and no passports. And our EU ‘partners’ will continue to wave them in our direction; some young men, many prepared to use extreme violence to get here illegally.

They may be economic migrants, they may be genuine refugees, we just don’t know. But once they’re here they’re here for good. The chances of any of them being kicked out are close to zero. Judges routinely halt the deportation of failed asylum seekers at the last minute due to concerns about their “human rights”.

What about our human rights?

You can rely on the courts and the parasitical immigration industry to thwart all attempts to restore sanity. The truth is the Government hasn’t got a clue what to do. While we remain in the EU and chained to the pernicious Human Rights Act we are powerless to prevent mass immigration, both from within and without Europe.

It’s pointless putting forward any proposals to stem the human tide and protect our borders, since the political will simply doesn’t exist, even in the certain knowledge that 26 per cent of all births in Britain are to foreign-born mothers. Class sizes in schools numbering in the 50+ with a language mix in some schools that places English as the least spoken. Our overcrowded island is about to become even more claustrophobic, it’s finite socio-economic and geographical resources already at breaking point.

And even when the Home Secretary, Theresa May, opines that immigration be restricted to migrants that have firm offers of employment in this country before entry, she is widely criticised for doing so. Why? Thanks to lax controls, economic migration in order to enjoy our generous benefits system has now become the norm, with the naive, noble ideals of immigrations’ societal enrichment dead in the water.

The cross-pollination of differing cultures bringing greater benefits to our society has never materialised. In many towns and cities, whole areas, filled to bursting with migrants, are literal no-go ghettos. There has been no integration with wider society, and no apparent intent or desire to do so, Normanton in Derby being a prime example.

As unpalatable as such concepts may be, I am becoming ever more of the opinion that our borders should be closed, and a moratorium of at least 5 years be placed on non-essential immigration. Due to the EU’s insistence on an ‘open-border’ policy and liberal human rights our membership of it must surely be seriously questioned now. Hungary’s erection of barbed-wire barriers and the proposed setup and governance of safe havens in designated buffer zones are concepts that are increasingly coming to the fore. And maybe, rightly so.

Serious problems demand serious solutions. Unfortunately, to achieve such solutions, there must also be a serious desire to and a commitment to do so. That currently does not exist, and whilst this political paralysis exists, there will be more corpses of children fished out of the sea, and many more countries crucified by a  swelling influx of people that they cannot support.

Many more.


I welcome your views, whatever they are. Feel free to comment!

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