Eating in a meat-free restaurant the other day made me realise why I dislike vegetarians. Some, anyway. The food, unlike the tasteless, bland rubbish often served up in such places, was delicious. Unusually for meatless cuisine, it was flavoursome, and a pleasure to eat. What ruined the experience were the customers and waiting staff, all of whom displayed an insufferably superior, smug, self-satisfied air. I then realised why that most vegetarians – and I’m excluding those who spurn meat for religious and cultural reasons – get a bad rap. They’re better than us, see? And the atmosphere in the restaurant was one of pompous righteousness. I left with indigestion, which was soon cured by a healthy dose of meat courtesy of McDonalds.

Virgin converts can be worse. I have lost friends to this insidious cult who, once they get fed the sanctimonious crap from the militants, become something akin to ex-smokers. And I refuse to feel self-conscious in restaurants when ordering meat in front of them. However, they proclaim, vegetarianism is not only ultra-healthy but a solution to world hunger and a safeguard of the planets morals and function. Really?

A vegan couple in American have recently been charged with child abuse for malnourishing their three small children. They’d been raised as vegans from birth. There have been similar cases where children, who cannot choose what they eat, have had their health severely damaged because of their parents’ principles namely, putting the welfare of animals before theirs. Giving up meat and dairy is to anorexia and other eating disorders in teenage girls. Lack of vitamin B12, found mainly in meats, eggs, dairy and fish, can cause brain damage. Most vegans, and some non-meat-eaters, have to supplement their diet with pills – wow, what a draw…

People should be allowed to make their own choices and not be bullied or frightened into giving up meat. In the US recently, children in a secondary school were taken by their teachers to a slaughterhouse to show them how animals are killed for food. This highly subjective tactic is nothing more than child abuse; as unethical as discouraging young girls from having sex by making them watch a late stage abortion being performed.

I don’t hate vegetarians because they make me feel guilty. But as an animal lover who agrees in principle with most reasons for giving up meat, I’d rather not join that band of humourless, judgmental assholes. It would indeed seem that you are what you eat.



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