Stop Playing By The Rules!

It’s happened again. Will it be ever so?

The latest atrocity in Manchester again exemplifies the endless failure of Western governments still intent on pursuing a ‘lawful’ and ‘democratic’ ideology when dealing with these monsters.

Discard these concepts. Stop trying to play by the rules when the enemy you face observes none. Sometimes it’s not only neccessary but expedient to throw the rule book aside; address matters directly, and by whatever means. The pernicious, lethal threat posed by Islamic terrorists must be met, battered, crushed and eradicated wherever it exists.

The innocents involved at Manchester were cruelly, and cowardly murdered and will never again lead the lives that they deserved to live. For Salman Abedi they were the safest, easiest, most vulnerable, sickeningly accessible targets. Shredded by a device full of nails and ball bearings that ripped into them with devastating, deadly force; killing 22 people and injuring another 118. Many children were among those hit.

And several hours later, ISIS proudly claimed responsibility. Bestial bastards celebrating an attack on the defenceless. Were anyone in Abedi’s circle of friends or members of the community from where he came aware? You bet they did. And they did nothing.

Who knows? Perhaps Salman Abedi and his vile associates just woke up one day and over their cornflakes decided to mass murder people. Yeah, right. The far more likely assumption is that they became more and more deeply radicalised by Muslim extremists both in Britain and abroad.

Everyone around him knew of his behaviour. His demented conviction to Islamic State and their plan for a global caliphate. It is unbelievable that he didn’t say or do anything to arouse suspicion, and I refuse to believe this disgusting excuse for a human being never gave a single clue to anyone around him that he was becoming radicalized.

And by not revealing this, they are equally culpable and again, should be prosecuted (preferably deported post-conviction) accordingly to the countries whose practices they have an obvious affinity for.

Do you consider my views to be in the extreme? Do I offend you?

Well, tough shit.

For all you PC-obsessed fuckwits out there, you’re wrong. It is NOT offensive or racist or bigoted or wrong to ask decent, law-abiding Muslims to do more to tackle this menace. Or to oppose ISIS and Islam. And me? Fuck you. I’m not sorry for holding such views. and frankly, I’m sick and tired of everyone treading on politically correct eggshells when it comes to this issue. Especially you, Lily Allen and Charlotte Church. Assholes.

It should just be common sense. They must be stopped.

Drive. Them. Out.

Because time and time again, Muslims have proved that they are not compatible with modern day society; moreover, they have proved that they are barbarians and an evil cult. These miserable rag-heads have proven that their religion poses a severe threat to our society and deserve to have their rights taken away.

Integration and multiculturalism doesn’t work. Not when faced by hate, and this sort of evil canker has no place in a civilised Western country. Any and all practicioners of such ideology should be removed. Leave Britain, leave America, and leave every country they don’t belong in. Use measures of internment to contain any internal threat. ISIS is active under different names around the world, and they are plotting against us, so it is the duty of Western governments and us to crack down on them, or it will be too late.

I feel both sad and angry whenever such an atrocity occurs. Conduct candle-lit vigils, say prayers and spread social media hash-tags of support. It’s understandable to call for ‘love to conquer hate’ and to tell people like me to stop feeling angry. But none of this will stop more attacks. Why? Because we did all that after the attacks in New York, Paris, Nice, Belgium, Westminster and California – and nothing changed.

My message is simple:

Don’t stand for this any more.

Don’t simply sit back and say it won’t break us.

Don’t just assume our values will prevail over theirs.
Get angry.

In fact, get very fucking angry.


I welcome your views, whatever they are. Feel free to comment!

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