Donald Trump : A Limited Lifespan.


After observing the bizarre spectacle that’s been Donald Trumps’ opening period of his Presidency; once again, the American people are witnessing at least the possibility; if not the impending reality of another President facing impeachment.

Through his innate arrogance and utter misunderstanding of politics and diplomatic conduct, he’s already begun to show his true colours. Trump is a bully; always has been in his dealings as a bruiser in business. But this isn’t a property deal. The piece of real estate concerned is the United States of America. And his conduct; both in the lead up to and post-election has been ourageous and,now that evidewnce is beginning to emerge about probable (make that very) involvement in his election campaign by his Big Buddy Putin, his status and presidency is now beginning to unravel.

It’s now obvious that there was tacit involvement by Putins’ administration in supporting Trumps’ camp in his campaign for the Presidency. And the man responsible for investigating and uncovering the truth of the matter, former Director of the FBI, [FIRST NAME] was removed from office. Even now, the chair of the Republican National Committee has called for a halt to all investigations of collusion with Russia. And Trump has finally been forced to disclosethat he is indeed, subject to an ongoing investigation. So even at the beginning of his presidential term, storm clouds are brewing on the horizon.

Now to my mind, there are two clear paralles to this sorry affair. Most recently, the action of Congress against the then President Bill Clinton.for, amongst others, lying under oath Articles of impeachmen were drafted, but despite a majority of the House concurring, the Senate subsequently determined that there wasn’t sufficient cause to remove him from office. This was later proven to be incorrect, and Clinton was still impeached for charges far less serious than the ones before Trump now.

In the current case, Comey was exploring the possibility of American involvement in the Russian plot; a treasonous offence. And it is time to pursue this investigation into Russian meddling in our presidential election with vigour, without friends to reward and without enemies to punish.

Onto the second. Confronting Trump would never entail the courage than it took when Republicans told President Richard Nixon that it was time for him to leave office. Not that Trump is more imposing than Nixon; Nixon was a serious president with significant flaws; but overall, significant accomplishments. Trump even isn’t in his league.

When confronted in 1974, all of Nixons’ opponents faced a supremely adept, highly capable political animal who was cornered and fully aware. Everything was in the balance, and Nixons’ Republican cohorts knew that their political futures rested upon their maintenance of credibility. The effort to conceal the truth was made nigh on impossible by the media then.

Today, it’s a chaotic skirmish. Fox News, talk radio, Breitbart and others fawn over Trump, Vice President Pence and the rest of the administration. They amplify the White House’s words while defying the journalistic calling to test and to probe the government’s claims. Any other source that disagrees is soundly shot down.

With Fox and others clogging the media landscape, Republicans’ political futures now rest on feeding the passions and proclivities of Trump’s hard-core base – the 39 percent of the electorate that dotes on him.

Screw them. The matters at hand involve a cynical disregard of the democratic process and ultimely, the simple fact that a hostile foreign power has blatantly interfered with, and helped to manipulate the Americans public with the collusion of the Trump administration. As Comey said with passion last week, “If any Americans were part of helping the Russians do that to us, that is a very big deal.”

Bob Dylan once memorably wrote: “The answer my friend, is blowin’ in the wind…”

Enjoy the ride, Donny. The storm’s nearly upon you, and this is one ride that won’t last for much longer…


I welcome your views, whatever they are. Feel free to comment!

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