“I’ll Have A Pound of Lady Gaga Please…”

“The times, they are a changin’” wrote Dylan. They sure are pardner. And he never dreamed of the future encompassing the latest venture by one of Britains’ largest supermarkets.

Yup, it’s a case of Sex and Drugs and Sausage Rolls: Sainsburys are setting up their own record label. The supermarket giant is releasing a series of vinyl albums in 168 of its stores, right now. Fancy that! You go in for a pint of milk and come out with a copy of “The Wanking Song” by Ivor Biggun…

But this shouldn’t be much of a surprise – the idea, not the song, (whatever floats your boat). The recent resurgence of vinyl is an unexpected success story for the music industry. And in my view, not soon enough.

Fans bought more than three million vinyl records in 2016 – the highest number in 25 years – and sales in 2017 are up over 30% year-on-year. And vinyl, despite it’s technophobe detractors, has and always will be a format that holds a certain romance for music-lovers.

Me included. There’s just something about the heft of a vinyl album, the weight of it in your hands, and the impact of the artwork are all something that CD’s and cassettes can’t compete with. “Paradise Theatre” by Styx, Roger Deans’ cover art for Yes, Stevie Wonders’ “The Secret Life of Plants”. All superlative examples.

But we live in modern times now. Allegedly. Musical tastes change almost minute by minute. So I guess we’ll have to be more flexible in our outlook.

And there’s so much to look forward to Gentle Readers!

I can picture it now. Future masterpieces and new releases by the likes of The Scone Roses, Bread Zeppelin, Ryvita Ora, Korn Flakes, Martha And The Blueberry Muffins and Pick and Little Mix…

– So party on, pop pickers. Schwiinngg!



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